At the Board Room you’re never bored!

Greetings friends!

In January we wrote here about upcoming changes to the business model at the Mana Core. As we worked to build out our plan for opening a social club in the space where we were, we found out that our friends at the Board Room had very similar goals and were in need of a new space.

In partnership with them we have now transitioned to being a kiosk located inside there club space. The kiosk offers a selection of supplies such as sleeves, deck boxes and paints that you can purchase anytime. We are still working out the exact system for this. In addition we are working on setting up our inventory of games online so that you can purchase items for pickup at the kiosk.

The Board Room is a private social club. This means that in the future most days will become available for members only. However, for the month of July they are offering public access on Mondays and Thursdays as part of their membership drive. Wednesdays and Fridays will always be open to the public.

Mana Core will continue to run events in the space including Friday Night Magic and Prereleases, as well as organized D&D play and more. In addition we will be sponsoring a Magic Commander League on Thursdays with special prizes and events. For July this event is open to the public but come August you will need to be a member of the Board Room in order to attend.

Stay tuned for details about the Commander League and other events. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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